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How To Order

You can order Azfin Batik products through email or directly to the shop.  A pro forma invoice will be issued to the purchaser as soon as possible. The order will be considered valid once we will receive approval of the pro forma invoice by the purchaser and first deposit or payment received. Please do not give/send any deposit before we ask you to process for it. All the information of the order will be send in details with the pro forma invoice to process the payment. Please double check the issued invoice for the ordered quantity, items, colors and designs.

Production Time and Payments

Production time will be confirmed at pro forma invoice and it refers from the day that we received the down payment. Production time depends upon the quantity of the items, designs and colors. We start the production of the orders only after received 50% deposit of the total amount of the order. The balance should be settled before the delivery date, before the goods are delivered/shipped. You can pay in cash directly to the shop, by Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Transferwise. Payments with credit card are accepted, however 3% bank fee will be added.

Quality Control

Our experienced and professional team assures high quality control and total satisfying service. Our worldwide customers  that can’t come directly to our shop in Bali can trust our online service.


All other product can be purchased with the original Azfin Batik’s label or with the label of the buyer, it can also without label depending on customer request. Labels will be supplied by the buyer or can be also ordered from us and will be charged with the original price from the printing house.

Minimum Quantity Order

The minimum quantity order is 40 pieces or a total amount of 3.000.000 IDR. Quantities of each items depends on the stock available. If the desired items colors and designs are not available in stock, for the new production the minimum quantity is 40 pieces each item, which have 4 different designs but the same colours. We always have stock available for small orders, you can check the stock on the website or we can send pictures and details through email.

Special Custom Made Orders

Azfin Batik’s products can also be ordered in different sizes, colors and designs. Please ask proforma prices and minimum quantity. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we will be happy to assist you.